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Our ultimate aim is becoming your steadfast partner in improving the efficiency and expanding the competitive capacity of your business. In order to fulfill this task, we develop state-of-the-art solutions that take full advantage of the Java language and platform.

Among the benefits that make Java appealing for you as a customer and for us as software developers are the following:

  • The inherent cross-platform capability of Java allows us to create software that can immediately run on multiple operating systems.

  • Once-for-all-platforms debugging helps us simplify project build configurations, cut down the number of coding errors, and, last but not least, reduce project overhead and maintenance.

  • The ability of Java programs to run on different hardware platforms adds to overall flexibility of Java which lets you deploy a Java application on the target platform and later move it to an entirely different platform.
  • The incredible reliability of Java applications which don't access system memory directly and don't have memory leaks guarantee you protection against application and operating system crashes.

Our highly experienced Java team is skilled in designing and implementing a wide range of complete Java solutions - from a small applet to a large e-commerce project - that are notable for their code scalability, reuse, and maintenance. The mainstream of our expertise applies to the architecture design and development employing the best that Java and C/C++ can offer.

Keeping in the forefront of the technology driven business and bringing together scientific approach and strict quality control, we have always met and exceeded our customers' expectations. Our knowledge and skills in the Java platform development guarantee success to your project as well.

Java related development:

Application development in Java (Sun, IBM, Java Swing, JDK, Beans, EJB, Visual Cafe, J++, etc.

  • Distributed computing for Java (RMI/CORBA)
  • Building multi-tiered distributed systems, scaleable, transactional, persistent, distributed
  • components - deployable across different operating systems, databases, application servers
  • Java business applications
  • Java for embedded and real-time systems
  • Java middleware tools
  • Rapid system prototyping ("proof of concept")
  • Java foundation classes (JFC, AWT)
  • Java security (JDK)
  • Converting existing applications to Java
  • e-ERP,e-CRM developments