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LabVIEW - Software Development
Ardlee is one of the leading experts on LabVIEW in Ireland having gained substantial experience over the last decade delivering end to end solutions to clients using the technology. In that time we have developed sophisticated measurement, test, and control systems using LabVIEW in different sectors ranging from manufacturing to electronics to bio-medical.

From working hands on with our clients we have acquired vast knowledge on the different components of delivering a system through LabVIEW. These include, but are not limited to:
  • Hardware considerations
  • Analysis of data flow
  • Clear and concise comprehension of the client's objective

LabVIEW - Training
Ardlee provides comprehensive training courses on all aspects of the LabVIEW platform. Our tailored courses/modules are based on real world scenarios and delve into the core features such as functions, algorithms and signal processing analysis. All training courses are delivered by professionals who have hands on experience of working with LabVIEW in a real life environment. This unique approach allows us to easily and comprehensively cover the key aspects of working with LabVIEW from RF/Communications to data storage to modelling, simulating, and designing systems.

The following is a brief overview of the key elements covered in our training courses:
  • Graphical Programming
  • Dataflow Representation
  • LabVIEW Built-in Libraries
  • Hardware Integration
  • Desktop vs. Embedded Architecture
  • Multicore Programming
  • Measurement Studio & Visual Basic, Visual Basic .NET, C++, and C#