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Software Development
Ardlee provides a complete service of software design and development for a range of computer platforms and in a range of languages. We support deployment on MacOS, MacOS X, Linux, Unix and Windows. Languages and meta-languages include .NET, Java, XML, C, C++, VBA, VB Script, Bash and Perl. We specialize in Microsoft Windows-based development.

Ardlee keeps up-to-date with software design and development methodologies and techniques. We use these to develop software that solves day-to-day business problems with the aim of making work easier, more effective or more efficient than it was before. Much of our development work has focused on information management and processing applications. However, our software development experience is extensive. We are technically able to tackle projects across many languages and environments.

If you require advice on your businesses' software needs, or know what kind of software solution you require but need a developer, please contact us to discuss your requirements.