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Application Solution Centre ASC
Technologies: Visual Studio .NET using VB.NET, C#.NET, Microsoft SQL Server 2000

Application Type: Web Application

Platform: Windows 2000 Server

1. Design of the ASC database in Microsoft SQL Server 2000 to be deployed on a server running Microsoft Windows 2000 Server. 2. Develop a demographics module that will allow ASC to

  • Create edit add and delete contact details.
  • Assign roles and responsibilities to these contacts.
  • Create edit add and delete project housekeeping, groups and E-Mail lists.
  • Assign/deny logon privileges, passwords, authentication to contacts.
  • Allow Skills sets to be created and updated.
3. Develop a calendar Module that will allow ASC to
  • Allocate projects to the two labs.
  • Track conference calls events, invite attendees and notify attendees of the dates and times.
  • Identify scheduling conflicts by date, time or attendee.
  • Allow forward scheduling and bottleneck resolution.
  • Dynamic calendar allocation of labs to best utilise use.
  • Identify Ripple effect of project Slippage.
4. Develop a document management module that will allow ASC to
  • Create document folders.
  • Manage the addition and removal of documents to/from a project folder.
  • This includes the development of templates for Concall notes, SOW, online POC, Visit report...
  • Incorporate these templates into dynamic Word objects to dynamically allow for the integration of the project database content into predefined formats.
5. Develop a mail module that will allow ASC to
  • Perform the dissemination of all project information to the relevant roles and groups.
  • Track all email events within the ASC database.
  • Generate alerts and apply Push technology to ensure timely responses from project participants.
6. Develop the GUI dashboard.

7. Develop reporting and analysis framework for relevant information.

  • This involves the design of reporting formats with the ASC team to ensure correct formatting and reporting requirements.
8. Develop the Project template that will allow ASC to
  • Populate a project with start and dates, objectives, assign contacts, track progress, etc.
9. Develop the Requirements gathering module that will allow ASC to
  • Review, allocate and modify lab assignments.
  • Review, allocate and modify Dell Skills.
  • Input Dell Equipment requirements.
  • Input non Dell Equipment requirements.
  • Define Project description and scope.
  • Add documents to the project folder.
10. Development of a check list module that will allow ASC to
  • Verify if hardware is ordered? Allow the user to view the actual project Hardware list.
  • Canteen ordered? Connect to EMF Canteen.
  • Focal Point Food ordered?
  • Badges ordered? Connect to project contacts list and generate email to Security with a list of badge requirements.
11. Development of a Systems tear down check list module that will allow ASC to
  • Track return of Hardware.
  • Alert on possible late returns.
Technologies: Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Scripting

Application Type: PC based applications

Platform: Windows

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