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Increasingly, organizations are realizing that technical goals converge with business goals. To become more productive, they must first improve their software solutions. Greater productivity may mean producing solutions faster by reducing development cycles, or producing higher-quality solutions at lower cost. Either way, the underlying goal is to produce solutions faster, cheaper and better. Better software capability can help you achieve this by improving predictability and repeatability to achieve greater project success. It also supports quality improvement by helping to reduce defects, change requests and re-work. But improving software solutions is a complex challenge. Development projects can be unpredictable: Business needs evolve at a rapid pace, often in parallel with development efforts.
The trickiest challenge of all is improving a company's process for developing software — a key component of software capability. Teams must continue working productively while process changes are being implemented, which is rather like trying to change an airplane engine while the craft is in flight.

Ardlee Ltd is here to help you. We provide a range of services that complement your existing business model.

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