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Press Release 1-9-2009
ARDLEE announces today the setting up of a 3 month BootCamp to enable people to skill up in the area of Software engineering. This boot camp leads onto a paid 9 month “Academy for programming excellence” to give students the opportunity to gain hands on expertise in software engineering. The aim of the program is to allow interested students to reenter the work force as “trained” Microsoft Certified Professional Developers.

No prior knowledge of software development is required as the boot camp which is an intensive 60 day hands on training environment will provide full training to certification level.

One of the main problems with training courses is their high cost and specialist nature which does not allow students to gain actual practical skills in the workplace. This leads to the old chestnut of “you need a job to get experience but you need experience to get a job”.

This boot camp and academy set in ARDLEE’s state of the art training facilities in the National Technology Park, Limerick will allow students to gain the experience needed under professional supervision to productively enter the workplace. Currently there is a shortage of software engineers in Ireland (FÁS Report - June 2009) and with the recent trend of decline in the take up of engineering places at university level this is an ideal second chance for people to realign their careers.

Full internet and office facilities are available to the attendees and additional entrepreneurial support is available in the form of workshops to those that would like to understand how to set up and run successful international high technology companies. The course will be starting on the 5th October

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For the editor:

ARDLEE Ltd is a software development company established in 2002 in the NTP limerick. It has clients across Europe, US and Canada. The managing director Des Crosbie is a recipient of the City and Guilds medal for programming worldwide 1992, Graduate of University of Limerick, Guest lecturer and a Microsoft Certified Professional.